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Niccolo von Hohenwittlingen

born September 15th 2007 Kleinspitz Our oldest and a pillar of strength.
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Xerafino von Hohenwittlingen

born April 23rd 2010 Mittelspitz Always a charming whirlwind and Multi - Champion
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Tamilan Chiba Mamoru

born May 5th 2012 Japanese Spitz Playful and very active but also very attached to “his” human.
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In loving memory: Lumpi von Hohenwittlingenon Hohenwittlingen

(*14.03.07- † 22.11.10) We lost Lumpi to a gruesome inherited illness that affected his kidneys called “Juvenile Renal Displasia”. Although it is very rare with our healthy Spitz to have this - or any other inherited - disease we discovered to our mortification that our beautiful, lively and happy boy was suffering from it. After the diagnosis, he fought hard and had another happy spring and summer but finally the disease was stronger than him. He is always on our minds and in our hearts and is dearly missed every single day. Due to the excellent documentation and supervision of the breed’s health, our Japanese Spitz therefore came to us from Finland. 

Our Spitz

We own three dogs, a Japanese Spitz and two German Spitz. All three of them are just fantastic dogs with their own personality and characteristics. Further below - and on their own page - you can get more information on each one of them! Enjoy!
Japanese & Mittelspitz
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