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Japanese & Mittelspitz
地 場 衛

Tamilan Chiba Mamoru

Deutscher Jugendchampion Club/ Auslesegruppe Japanese Spitz May 5th 2012 37 cm 0/0 Full Scissor bite please click here or go to the Finnish database
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About Mamoru:

Moru is a very active, playful and spirited boy.  He gets along fine with his brothers but otherwise is a bit shy of  strangers - humans or other dogs. Once you’ve got to know him, he’s very cuddly and sweet and conquers every heart in no time. After waiting a long time for the right moment and the right combination to come, we were finally blessed to have Mamoru move in with us on 3rd  July 2012. We picked him up in Finland, where he grew up in the loving  and caring household of our friend and renowned Japanese Spitz breeder of more than 20 years Mia Hautala. We are very grateful to have Mia  trust us with one of her beautiful and perfect puppies and we hope to  give her many happy stories and show successes of dear Mamoru in  return.

Show successes:

CAC Nürnberg    April      2014 V1, VDH-CAC, Club CAC, BOB CAC Kerpen       June      2013 V1, VDH-Jug.CAC, Club Jug.CAC, BOB CAC Jettingen   June      2013 V1, VDH-Jug.CAC, Club Jug.CAC, BOB CAC Nürnberg    April      2013 V1, VDH-Jug.CAC, Club Jug.CAC, BOB  CACIB Nürnberg January 2013 vv1 (very promising 1st)

To view Moru’s pedigree, please click here.

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